In this fun, five-day series, kids will practice essential Baking & Cake Decorating skills and master the fundamentals of Buttercream & Fondant. Our students will love working alongside classmates, making new friends, and learning  everything together.

Junior Bakers attend morning Classes 9am-12pm

This Camp is for Ages 5+

Mon.:  Becoming A Baker

  • Campers choose Cake themes, then design their Cakes based on a chosen theme.
  • They'll cover Kitchen Safety and Food Handling.
  • They'll also have to learn a bake a surprise dish.

Tue. Baking Cupcakes & Pies

  • How to bake Cupcakes from scratch
  • Learn and bake a surprise dish

Wed.: Decorating with Fondant

  • How to prepare, flavor and store Marshmallow Fondant
  • Learn the most commonly used decorating tools, and cutters and how to use them
  • How  to color fondant
  • How to cut shapes, make ribbons, & mold figurines for their projects
  • How to apply fondant to their cakes.

Thur.: Baking

  • Kids are taught to properly prepare & bake a Cake safely
  • Learn how to properly trim a cake
  • Learn how to prep their Cake for decorating
  • How to preserve & store their Cake(s)  properly
  • Put any finishing touches on their fondant components for their Cake

Fri.: Final Exam

  • Decorating with Buttercream
  • Kids learn to prepare Buttercream
  • Learn the most commonly used decorating tools, and  tips and how to use them
  • How to mix colors & fill a Frosting bag with minimal mess
  • How to write with Butter Cream
  • How to Make different borders, writing, & flowers.
  • As a final exam Children will divide into teams to design & decorate a Cake.

For Ages 5-16

This Camp will be from 9am-12pm Mon-Fri.

  • Week 1: 5/27-5/31
    Week 2: 6/3-6/7
    Week 3: 6/10-6/14
    Week 4: 6/17-6/21
    Week 5: 6/24-6/28
    Week 6: 7/1-7/5
    Week 7: 7/8-7/12
    Week 8: 7/15-7/19
    Week 9: 7/22-7/26
    Week 10: 7/29-8/2

Camp Admission is $120/Week

Purchase your Ticket(s) Online, or by calling us at: 912-826-3976.

*Challenges will be different each week so a child can attend multiple weeks.