become little star teacher

Do you have advanced knowledge of a Subject, and a desire to share it?

If you answered "Yes!" then you've come to the right place.  At Little Star our only goal is to give kids the opportunity to pick up those same advanced skills when they're ready instead of having to go at the slower pace of the School System.

Many of the topics offered here aren't yet available at most schools.

Where there is a gap in education some of must step up to fill the gap. Some children will find Courses that will advance them in their serious long term plans, and for some children these courses will serve as good pastime or fun Hobby. Here they have the freedom to choose which subjects they take seriously.

 There is no Degree required to Teach these days. But every Instructor at Little Star is observed in action, at random, throughout their tenure. In addition, each Instructor is rated by the Students/Parents. 


2 things we need from you:

1. Quality Of Knowledge:
We only allow Courses on proven Sciences and techniques. There are no 'opinion' based Courses permitted! All Courses must be based on proven principles. There is a reasonable expectation that, upon properly completing your Course, a child should be able to duplicate your results.
2. Student Engagement:
Inevitably there will be questions and inquiries from students and parents regarding your course content or your techniques. We do not penalize Instructors for being unavailable, but children will ultimately look elsewhere for those answers and the true cost may be lack of student interest in your Course(s). If you are unable to commit time to engage your students very often, we recommend that you use engaging graphics and video clips (built into your lessons) to give your Course some 'personality'. This goes double for Online Instructors since you don't have the opportunity to engage locally like "Live" Instructors.

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